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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Down Periscope

Kind of looks like another planet, doesn't it? Actually, it's a view of the inside of my trachea, taken during my tracheobronchoscopy today at the otolaryngologist, or ear nose and throat specialist (ENT). To do this, the doctor inserts a flexible laryngoscope through my trach (see picture below). It's thin, like a suction catheter, except that it has a tiny camera at the end.

The purpose is to check the bottom of the trachea for any abnormalities. By the way, the two holes that you see in the first picture are where the trachea attaches to my left and right lungs. It doesn't hurt, though it makes me cough a bit. It is a bit more irritating when the doctor slightly pulls out the trach to see that immediate area.

The doctor was pleased with what she saw, and complimented me on my healthy, pink airway. Always love receiving compliments on the look of the inside of my body! Well, at least the inside of that part of my body. After all, there's a reason this entry is titled "Down Periscope" instead of "Up Periscope!"

1 comment:

moeschen said...

let me NOT see the inside of your throat. haha. cool but then again...not so much.

See you Saturday my friend.