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Monday, February 18, 2008

Inquiring Minds

When I responded to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Daniel Rubin's request on his blog for comments from people with disabilities in the Philadelphia about accessibility, little did I know how that I would soon become the focus of one of Mr. Rubin's columns.

Last week, I received an e-mail from him expressing an interest interviewing me about my life and my soon-to-be released autobiography -- as soon as possible. The interview took place on Friday and today the story, fittingly titled "Aspirations Like Any Other" appeared in the paper.

Truth be told, I have always been an admirer of Mr. Rubin's work. His columns are always very thoughtful and heartfelt. His story about me did not disappoint. It was not one of those sappy, melodramatic, "Look at the poor boy in the wheelchair; he's going to die" pieces that, let's face it, we see all too often. No, this was anything but. It painted an accurate picture of my life, which has been challenging at times, but which has also been productive and enjoyable.

The story was poignant, making reference to my desire for independence and love, but humorous in detailing my recent cheesesteak expedition following my recent cardiology appointment.

Word has it that I will soon appear in another well-known newspaper. Seems I've become quite the media darling!


Kathie said...

What a nice article! Now to see what The Times has to say!

Kathryn said...

I just the video about you on the NYT website. Your story is so inspiring. I'm looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. It is so wonderful to see someone so positive in the face of adversity. Keep up the great work, Josh!

Michael said...

megger said...

Hi Josh,

I just saw the video on you at NYT. You are so brave! I also just graduated in journalism, so I was excited to hear you're writing a memoir. That's great - I'll make sure to get it. Why did you pick journalism? What was it like working with the NYT reporters?


Suzz said...

Hi Josh,

I happened upon the NYT article tonight by clicking here and there...and then went on to your blog site. Having had some scary medical situations myself lately, I feel especially tuned into those with a challenging physical road in front of them. You are inspiring and make me want to embrace all the faculties I have and do everything I can with the senses, talents and life I have in me now....just as you have. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I look forward to future updates and hope I am or will become as brave as you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read the article about you in USA Today which directed me to your website. You're a wonderful inspiring person!

Anonymous said...

Great article in the Philly Inq Josh, though I'm not sure SEPTA would agree! And good publicity for your book. I'll take a look at the NYT pieces too.

I liked the photo of you on Temple campus, brought back from memories!