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Monday, March 03, 2008

Need a House?

Things have gone so well on my vacation over the past week that I'm ready to move out. And with me out of the house, I'm figuring that they can sell it because it's too big of a house for two people. So I thought I would give them a hand with putting it out on the market, as you can see from the photo above.

Okay, so I'm kidding! I put the sign up as a practical joke to welcome my parents home tonight. But the truth is that I would like to live independently someday. I'm not sure if I will actually be able to make it happen, but I will never abandon the idea as long as I live -- which might not be very long after my parents see that sign!


Kathie said...

Cute, I love it:)
I hope you're able to do it one of these days!

Sarah said...

Too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

if anyone is interested in buying my house I'll include josh as an amenity free of charge!!

Anita said...

You have given me so much hope for Nicholas (4 yr. grandson w/DMD) and lots of laughter. My best to you.

Jeevan said...

You were good humored there:) I wish you everything success Winheld.

found you blog when searching for someone like me with MD blogging, good to know u.

Jim said...

Hi Josh,

I was still laughing this morning thinking about the For Sale by Owner's Son joke you pulled on your parents that I had to get on and tell you. Well done!

It was really nice to meet you this weekend. I'm glad that Pat asked me to drive down with him. Take care and I hope to see you on the next road trip to Philly!

Pat Moeschen said...

My amazement of you grows stronger every time we speak. This weekend was so much fun, and also important to the cause that we hold so dear to our hearts.

You have already changed the world, and I am glad to know you.

Talk soon.

amy said...

You crack me up! This weekend was fun! Hope you had fun!