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Friday, October 31, 2008


After 25 years, a parade down Broad Street to celebrate a championship by a Philadelphia sports team -- and I was there, along with 2 million of my closest friends!

No way was I going to miss this opportunity, even if I couldn't catch a train due to the sheer volume of riders heading to the parade. I wasn't about to give up. After all, did the Phillies ever give up when they looked to be down for the count this season? I think not.

We got on an empty Schuylkill Expressway and cruised into Center City, where we found parking just a couple of blocks from the parade route. But that was only the beginning of my good fortune. As I made my way through a huge crowd outside City Hall, I came across a city employee, who got me inside the building and found a property manager, who took me to several offices until I found a good vantage point.

I ended up viewing the parade from a second-floor window of the Prothonotary Department, where the employees couldn't have been any nicer.

What a great day to be a sports fan in Philadelphia!


Krysta said...

Awesome. So glad you could make it (jealous!!!).

Kathie said...

Very cool Josh! I remember going to downtown Buffalo after the Norwood "far right", and that was pretty exciting... I think that was as close as we have ever come to an all the way win... Maybe someday Buffalo will be able to play that song too :)

DebCarol said...

Hi Josh, I linked to your blog through Food Network Musings where Sue has you linked. How amazing was that week leading up to the Fightin' Phils winning the World Series!! I am from outside Philly and watched the parade on tv. But you got to SEE it! I've enjoyed reading your blog, I'll bookmark it and check back soon. Great writing !!

Sarah said...

What an amazing day!! I put my pictures up on facebook. Go Phils!!!!

Pat Moeschen said...

Congrats. So sweet you were inside to watch this! I am pumped for you man!

Everything Changes said...

Thanks for finding my blog through the New York Times.

Your blog is great - I've added it to my blogroll - the first non-cancer one on the list! Sure our diseases are different, our care varied, but I think us 20 and 30 somethings living with any kind of illness have a lot of good advice to share with each other. Feel free to link to mine on yours if you wish.

Maybe you'd like to be a guest blogger on my blog someday? Let me know.


Sue said...

WHAT in the world is Prothonotary Department? It sounds scary.