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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Payback

Last month, I made a friendly wager with my good friend, Pat Moeschen, over the Red Sox-Phillies series. The loser would buy a Philly cheesesteak for the winner. Naturally, I was the loser. After all, teams from Boston win with regularity. Teams from Philadelphia? Not so much.

Still, it was really a win-win situation. Either way, I was going to end up with a delicious, artery-clogging cheesesteak. Just one way, I would have to pay out of my own wallet for that privilege.

With Pat in town early for the upcoming Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy conference, today was the day to settle our bet. First, we took a driving tour of the city. Then we headed for the Reading Terminal Market, where we hunkered down at a table and stuffed our faces with cheesesteaks from Spataro's. I didn't even need dinner tonight, I was so full. And the best part (aside from the sandwich)? Pat wouldn't even let me pay for his. Maybe I should start making wagers with the guy more often!

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