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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

British Invasion, Part 7: Gotta go to Mo's!

It all began one day last March with an incredibly moving comment left on my blog by a young woman in England named Emma grieving the loss of her fiance to DMD. E-mails, instant messages, and webcam conversations ensued, and we quickly became the best of friends. Soon after, Emma met Gary and I became friends with him as well. Not long after, Emma and Gary began making plans to visit me here in Philadelphia. This is part 7 in a series chronicling their visit...

What would a trip to America be like without a visit to...Walmart! Yes, my friends insisted that they would not leave the country until they had been to Walmart, so that was our destination today. They found a few bargains there, but they seemed to enjoy Modell's Sporting Goods even more. Now, when they return home, they'll be able to start a sports fashion trend with their Phillies gear. That, and they'll be singing that catchy "Gotta go to Mo's!" jingle in an English accent!

Our final stop was for lunch at Wendy's. In America, we have the fast-food holy trinity of McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's. Apparently not so in the U.K., where there are no Wendy's. Let's just say my English mates enjoyed their BIG meals!

Then, it was time for my friends to pack their bags. I couldn't let them leave without sampling one more Philadelphia delicacy: the Italian hoagie, so I ordered a couple for the road.

Saying goodbye was not easy. The past week was the greatest week of my life. Although I was home, it felt like a vacation. Now, it's time for life to return to normal. But there's always next year, right Emma and Gary?

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Kimi said...

I'm glad you all had a great time together. Can't wait til next time!