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Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Penn"ing My Name

One of the reasons I wrote my autobiography was to help the medical professionals and students who take care of those of us with DMD better understand what it is like to have this disease. So I was extremely excited about my book signing today at the University of Pennsylvania bookstore, located near Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

With many familiar faces in the audience -- doctors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, medical students -- I read excerpts from my book. Afterward, I signed books (with assistance, of course). It was an extremely successful event -- one person even bought 10 books!


Pat Moeschen said...

very cool. I cannot wait to hear of more signings, and more sales. The word is spreading, and you are making it happen.
Kudos my friend.


Kathie said...

Pat, I couldn't agree more. Way to go, Josh!

Candice Johnson said...

When are you coming to Texas for a signing ;) I just finished reading your book today. I was sad when I came to the end,I wanted the 'story' to never end! Thank you for sharing your life. I have a 14 year old son with Duchenne. This book gives me another perspective on his possible thoughts and feelings living with Duchenne. Congratulations on a beautifully written book.

Taunia said...

Congratulations on all your success! That must have been one hell of a high - signing books and being all famous and what not! Seriously - congrats, and I wish you the best!