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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Guys' (and Girl's) Night Out

It was probably the hottest night of the year, but that didn't stop a family tradition.

Every year, in honor of my grandfather's birthday, the men in the family attend a Phillies game. The tradition started when he turned 70; this year, he turned 81 (his actual birthday was a couple of months ago). Normally, I bring a nurse, but this year, I decided just to have my father help me. Nothing against my nurses, but it was nice to be with just my family for a change. The extra ticket went to my now baseball-adoring sister, Amy.

Pictured above (from left) are my father; cousin, Benny; grandfather; me; Amy; and uncle, Steve. (Yes, I know there's some guy's head behind Uncle Steve, but he's not part of our family. At least not that I am aware!)

Of course, in typical Philadelphia fashion, the Phillies failed to cooperate on this
night. But my father and I deserve some of the blame for that.

With the Phillies leading 2-0 halfway through the game, my father turned to me and said, "This guy's pitching great. He hasn't given up anything."

"Dad, stop it," I warned him, "They'll hear you."

Naturally, the next pitch ended up sailing over the fence for a homerun. Still 2-1, Phils, though.

My sin was worse.

"Don't walk people," I said out loud as Phillies relief pitcher Tom "Flash" Gordon ran a deep count to the first batter he faced in the eighth inning, "Make the guy hit the ball. Worst he'll do is tie the game."

And in a flash, that was exactly what happened: a game-tying homerun! My father just looked at me. It all spiraled downhill from there. Final score: 4-3, San Diego Padres.

But, hey, at least I was with my family, having fun. It's a good thing, too, because otherwise I may have jumped off the Walt Whitman Bridge, wheelchair and all, the way the Phillies played tonight!


Michael said...

Josh, I'd bet good money that both you and the guy behind Uncle Steve are both descended from Charlemagne (he got around) at least. :)

Anonymous said...

your uncle steve looks almost as heavy as your handsome dad!

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice the light shining over your dad? it kind of looks like a halo! what a special guy!

Sue said...

Great picture. Oh, and Uncle Michael, I mean "Anonymous", next time keep an eye on your father-in-law and Uncle Steve looks great.