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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chowing Down in Chinatown

The last time I was in Philadelphia's Chinatown, I was a college freshman -- 11 years ago! Tonight seemed like a good time for me to return, along with friends Bekezela and Mike (pictured above) and my nurse du jour (taking the picture.

As usual, parking my high-top van in Center City proved a royal pain in the ass. We picked out a perfectly good handicap space, only to be told by the attendant to go to other side of the lot -- the equivalent of half a block away, where the pavement was broken up -- because there was "more room over there."

Fortunately, dinner proved worth the trip. I even got a bit adventurous in my old age, trying Lamb Hunan Style and Pineapple and Lychee Duck. I enjoyed both and had no trouble chewing either, always a concern when straying from my predominantly chicken and fish diet.

We decided to walk around after dinner, as I wanted to get a picture at the well-known Friendship Gate. Halfway up the block, a restaurant worker carted out a trash can full of foul-smelling water and dumped it all over the sidewalk. So we backtracked half a block and crossed at the corner (jaywalking isn't possible when you're in a wheelchair with curb cuts only at corners), proceeded up the block, only to be confronted with, you guessed it, another pool of fishy water! With no choice, I drove through it quickly. It's always an adventure, isn't it?

Fortunately, the only smell emanating from my wheelchair when I got home was that of the leftover egg rolls and sesame chicken. My father was only too happy to give me a hand with that!


michael said...

your dad sounds like a great guy!!

Michael said...

We had a great time, Josh. We should do it again soon. Maybe you'll try jellyfish next time -- nothing fishy about that. :D

Mike & Bekezela

Pat Moeschen said...


Did you know that in China, they just call it food? haha.
Anyway, good times. Looks like the Phillies are right in there. We will get to a game sooner or later.

Be strong