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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Star is Born

In case you missed my TV interviews today, here they are for your viewing pleasure, the first of which took place today in-studio, LIVE!

When TV calls, you had better be ready to answer the bell. Well, it did and I was!

My big plans for today included going to a copy center to order bound copies of my book manuscript and watching the my recently-taped interview air on TV.

That all changed a couple of hours before the interview was to air, when my mother received a phone call from the TV station, asking if I could get down to the studio in two hours for a LIVE interview! After my mother frantically tracked me down, she and my nurse rushed to get me ready. In record time, they got me in and out of the bathroom, dressed and shaved, washed my hair, and gave me my medicines. My father sped us to the studio. The traffic even seemed to cooperate!

With the excitement, there was no time to be nervous. Before I knew it, I was on stage being interviewed. Everything seemed to slow down and the words just came to me as I answered each question as if on cue.

It was a great experience and hopefully, it will generate some interest in my book. But it wouldn't have happened without some great people behind me. Thanks, guys!

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Kimi said...

Hi Josh,
Not sure if you remember me but it's Kimi Fox. When we were little (and much cuter haha) we did some MDA stuff together and you know my fiance Eric. I just wanted to tell you I actually saw your interview last Tuesday on accident. I was ironically sitting in the ER at CHOP watching tv waiting to go up to IR b/c my g/j tube was pulled out. My nurse likes channel 10 and as they cut away to commercial they showed a teaser for your story. I realized hey, I know him! I quickly called Eric and told him to watch. It was a great story and I wish you lots of luck on publishing your book. I've been reading past entries in your blog and have questions I'd like to ask, but I thought I'd bore you w/them in an email. Hope to hear from you soon!