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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Home Alone (Sort Of)

With my parents out of town this week, I've had the house to myself. Well, not completely. With nurses coming and going at seemingly all hours and our loud-mouthed dachshund, Zoe (pictured at right) on the prowl, it is rather impossible to ever be alone!

Because insurance only pays for 16 hours of nursing care per day, it is an expensive proposition whenever my parents go on vacation, as they must pay out-of-pocket for eight hours of nursing care for me each day. Although respite care hours are available to the parents of children with serious disabilities in Pennsylvania, there is no program of which I am aware when it comes to adults like me. But parents like mine deserve a break, too. (And trust me, while my parents are great, I also need a break from them every now and then!)

So far, I have enjoyed my "vacation." It has given me the opportunity to entertain friends and family -- and to see every possible photograph from my aunt's recent trip to Cambodia! And with the assistance of my nurses, I've had a chance to dabble in the kitchen. We haven't burned down the house yet, which is always a plus!

But all the fun comes to an end late tomorrow night, when my parents return. After they're done calming Zoe, maybe they'll say hello to me...

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Kimi said...

I don't think anyone appreciates "alone time" more than those of us who never have any privacy. Eric is in the process of moving his computer into his bedroom. His nurse said to him, "But you'll be all alone in here!" He repled, "That's the point!" Glad you got to be "Home Alone" *puts my hands on my cheeks and screams Ahhhhh*!