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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The (Virtual) Check is in the Mail

Several years ago, I wrote a column in a local newspaper praising online shopping as a convenient alternative for people with physical disabilities. Last week, I became a new fan of another internet innovation -- paying bills online. A few minutes after registering on my bank's website, I paid my very first bill online (to the telephone company, in case anyone is curious).

Paying bills online is convenient in general, but especially for someone like me. Unable to physically sign a check, I have a joint account with a relative, so that someone else can sign my checks. Trusting that person isn't an issue, but at 28, it's about time that I take full responsibility for my own money. By paying my bills online (thanks to my computer's accessibility features) , I can do just that.

Just another way the internet has made my life more accessible.


Rob said...

I have yet to fully enter in the world of online bill paying.. Let me know if you want to go to one of the Cubs games....

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,
Your granddad Bill Goldstein told me about your blog. How proud he must be of you in accomplishing so much with your life to date, and especially in your working so hard to help others in such a fundamental way through their minds. It looks like Steven Hawking will have to move over a bit and let you in to the ranks of my heros of this life. Keep up the optimism. Every success with your book.
Best regards,
Jim Kelley