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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Feeling Invincble

In the midst of learning how to use Blogger, I forgot to write that on Friday, I saw "Invincible", the story of former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale (played by Mark Wahlberg), a 30-year-old teacher and bartender who made the team when coach Dick Vermeil held an open tryout.

With the NFL season looming, I was so inspired by the film that I wanted to get out of my wheelchair and tackle someone! Actually, it made me want to hurry up and finish writing my book. I really identified with Papale's drive to make something of his life. In a way, I suppose that's why I'm writing a book. Having muscular dystrophy doesn't make it easy, but it doesn't mean I can't do something positive with my life. I truly believe my book has the potential to help people dealing with medical challenges like mine.


DDH said...

Hey Josh! YYEEESSSSS!!! Second Poster EVER on your blog spot! I really like your set-up here! Just set one up myself. Anyway, it was great to hear from you tonight, and I saw Invincible as well, albeit in Pittsburgh. There were about a dozen other people in the theater on opening night! Guess they're waiting for the Bill Cowher life story movie. I, for one, really appreciated the movie! Vince had a lot to deal with, and he still pushed on. I guess life gives us all challenges for a reason; Vince's football career wouldn't have been half as legendary and inspiring if he didn't overcome all those odds. In that same vein, I think that what you're doing with your book is absolutely great. I could just imagine what an inspiration it will be to anyone who reads it. Of course, it will especially motivate those that fight the same battles you do, because you can show them the way to conquer them just as you have!

Rob said...

You have a new loyal reader...