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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

31 Flavors

Yes, it's birthday time again! I don't how I got to be 31 years old, but even though I feel old today, I'm glad to have beaten the odds for yet another year. It will be hard to top Year Number 30, in which my book was published, I returned to school, spoke at conferences near and far, and spent time with special friends. However, I'm hoping this will be a pretty special year, so stay tuned...

After last year's birthday celebration, it was going to be a tall order to even come close this year. Fortunately, the Philadelphia 76ers are pretty tall guys themselves. As it turned out, the team was hosting a meet-and-greet for season ticketholders tonight. Below are some photos from the event.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josh

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Delighted to read your two new blog entries! Please keep it up - I check often and am always so happy when you have posted something new!

love and good wishes
anna (and graeme too)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Josh. I read your blog (and book) with interest and appreciation. Best of luck on your thesis. You're an inspiration. Keep up the good work!
--Nancy in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

SOOO cool, I received your book on the 4th, which is your birthday?? I just started the chapter titled, The Visit! You and your life has helped me understand my 17 year old son with DMD sooo much better. You are a true gift Josh...Happy Birthday Dude!

Misty in Alaska

Pat said...

Go Celtics. haha