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Monday, January 14, 2008

Keeping Pace

Looks like my decision nearly three years ago to have a cardiac defibrillator implanted in my chest was a good one. At a routine electrophysiology appointment today, I learned that the device again took action to correct a dangerous heart rhythm. It was able to "pace" me out of it, so it did not have to deliver a shock.

I actually remember the incident, which occurred back in October. I was at the computer, chatting online with a friend and listening to the Flyers game. Suddenly, I felt my heart beating rapidly. I became dizzy and warm, and the light in my bedroom seemed to grow dim. And then just as quickly as it began, it ended. I immediately wondered if the device had helped me.

As the doctor reminded me today and at my previous appointment, when the device reported taking action, this is exactly the reason why I have it in the first place and thus no reason to be alarmed. Still, I can't help but find it alarming. More than that, though, it reminds me just how lucky I am that my cardiologist recommended implanting the defibrillator. I feel it is therefore my responsibility to live my life to the fullest because so many other guys with DMD haven't been as fortunate. It is a responsibility I take seriously and one that will motivate me as long as I live.


Kathie said...

I am thankful for defibrillators. I know they are wonderful life saving devices and I think parents with boys with DMD need to make sure this is something they are aware of and seriously consider as a treatment option for their sons when the time comes.

I wish Steven had had this option, because I think he may have had many more years if he had been able to have one implanted in his chest.

Thank you for continuing to educate and inform so many of the medical breakthroughs availble today.

I know I am greatful that you have a defibrillator that has allowed you to be here as you have made a positive impact on my life, and I'm quite certain I'm not the only life that has been positively impacted by you. I also know that you will continue to impact many more once your book becomes avaiable next month.

Congratulations again on publishing your book, and here's to your continued good health!

Kimi said...

I know you take the fact that you are lucky enough to have a defib seriously. I'm glad you are living your life to fullest in memory of those who no longer can. Thanks for being there for me the last couple months. Tomorrow will be 9 months since Eric died and I know he's glad I have a friend like you.