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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Renaissance Man

Though I love my sports as much as the next guy, I enjoy some culture every now and then. So I decided to take a break from last-minute revisions to my book manuscript to check out the new Perelman Building (special thanks to Brad at, one of my favorite sites, for the photo) of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Its collection, which includes may costumes and furniture, may be best descibed as eclectic. Very interesting, though I was able to better appreciate what I saw because I went with a friend who is an artist! For more photos, please click here

The building itself was impressive. Built in the 1920s, the Art Deco style building was originally home to Fidelity Mutual Insurance Company. However, getting into the place was interesting. At a wheelchair-accessible side doorway, we had to push an intercom button so a guard could bring down a lift. There was barely enough room for me and the guard. At least it was accessible. Because that wasn't the case when we tried to find a place to eat. But hey thats life in the big city, especially an older one like Philly. We did find a good pizza shop, though.

Now, back to editing my book...

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