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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Darius Goes... to Your Home

Several months ago, I wrote about "Darius Goes West," an uplifting documentary film (see trailer, at left) that follows the cross-country journey of Darius Weems, a then 15-year-old with Duchenne's, with the assistance of a group of loyal friends. You can ready my previous entry here.

Now, after screenings across the country, the film is coming to DVD, just in time for the holidays. To order a copy, please click here.

We all have a part to play in the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, whether it's Darius with this film or me, with my book about my life with the disease. So, just as I will soon be asking you to purchase my book, I encourage you to purchase a copy of "Darius Goes West." Proceeds from its sales go to Charley's Fund, an organization started by the parents of young boy with DMD that is dedicated solely to funding a cure or treatment for the disease.


Pat Moeschen said...

On Thursday, Nov. 30. We will be screening this film in my town. All proceeds are going to PPMD. The theater has been donated, and we are very excited to have two shows of Darius in New Hampshire.
Rock on.

Of course, Josh and I are annoyed that we didn't have this idea first, or we would have made our own movie. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, thanks for writing this book. I've already e-mailed the publisher for my advance order :-). I am the mom to a 10 year old boy with DMD and am always on the look-out for any sort of insight that may help him to cope along the way. I wish you much success on your book sales.