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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Breaking Bread, Burmese Style

Winheld's World has become exotic lately -- well, at least when it comes to trying different foods. Tonight, I had dinner at a Burmese restaurant in Philadelphia's Chinatown district. Rather fitting in light of the current situation in Myanmar (Burma's official name). What better way to show solidarity with the Burmese people than to sample their cuisine.

I liked this restaurant from the second I rolled up the perfectly accessible ramp leading to its entrance. Inside, the hostess seated us at a table that was easy for me to get to, without my having to ask other people to move so I could get by. Even better, she pulled the chair away from the left side of the table -- as if she knew that I like the person feeding me to sit to my right!

The food certainly didn't disappoint, either. My favorite was the Banana Leaf Fish (pictured above). I figured that instead of another photo of yours truly, I would show the food I ate. Sorry if this makes you hungry!

The Northern Burma Fried Noodles (left) and the Jungle Chicken (below) were very tasty, too. We also had the Thousand Layer Bread with Curry Chicken Dip, as well as the Calamari Ala Burma Salad, but my dining companions and I were so hungry that we forgot to take a picture of those items beforehand!

A great time was had by all, which made it a bit easier to digest the Phillies' playoff elimination. As we like to say in Philly, there's always next year...

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Anonymous said...

that food looks terrific! as a matter of fact i've had the chicken and noodles, as well as the grouper and vegetables. if you enjoy trying ethnic foods, don't miss this opportunity. as tony t says...."it's greattttt!"