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Sunday, September 30, 2007

NL East Champs!

The last time I was able to say that about the Phillies, it was 1993 and I was a sophomore in high school. But Winheld's World is full of excitement this evening as the Fightin' Phils have won the 2007 National League East division title!

I'll admit that I had my doubts on more than one occasion this season, but Phillies shortshop and MVP candidate Jimmy Rollins never did. His preseason declaration that the Phillies were "the team to beat" angered the New York Mets and their fans, but it turns out that he was right after all.

It sure has been a wild ride. Let's hope it continues...


Sarah said...

Hard to believe Jamie Moyer was pitching yesterday...guess I can't be too hard on him!

Kristen said...

i believe, josh!

Josh Winheld said...

Hi Sarah,
Despite Jamie Moyer's age (44), the guy knows how to pitch. Nothing rattles him. And he's a hometown guy. I knew he would come up big on Sunday and he sure did.

Josh Winheld said...

Hi Kristen,
The scary thing is, I'm starting to believe, too!