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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What's up Doc?

I had a housecall today from my childhood doctor (standing next to me), affectionately known as "Dr. Shep." Nearly 25 years ago, when my parents realized that my physical development seemed too slow, they took me to several doctors, none of whom recognized what was wrong.

That was until they took me to see Dr. Shep. A bell went off in his head and he was able to immediately diagnose me with muscular dystrophy.

Over the years, as I progressed from preschool to college, Dr. Shep provided a calming influence for my parents and me, never panicking, but also being proactive when necessary. A computer enthusiast, he also taught me all that there was to know about the Apple computer I owned back in the day.

Retired for several years now, Dr. Shep spends his time working at his computer and on his golf game. Like a fine wine, his stroke has improved with age, or so I've been told!


kristen said...

hey! dr. goren was my pediatrician, too! what a small world.

Betti Goren Weiss said...

Dr. Shep is my dad. He was not only the best pediatrician, he was the best dad, too.